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Welcome to Piusa Visitor Centre!




Since October 2010 on the Nature reserve of the Piusa caves, near the Museum Cave, the Piusa Caves Visitor Centre has been open.
The purpose of the visitor centre is to contribute to the protection of the Piusa caves and protected species by the year-round coordination and planned developing of tourism, also to provide the safety of the tourists visiting Piusa caves.
Piusa Visitor Centre houses a museum, a seminar room for 50 people, a cafe and handicraft room for children. We provide guiding services, educational excursions for schools, workshops and seminars. Next to the visitor centre you can find a quite unconventional children playground.



+ 372 5304 4120

57°50'35''N 27 28'32''E

We are OPEN

5th July to 21th Augyst
We are open DAILY
11 a.m to 7 p.m

16th September to 30th April
Saturday and Sunday
12 p.m to 4 p.m

At Visitor Centre is possible to
pay with card and in cash as well.

Please make a reservation for better 
service in case when you are planning
to visit us with a group.